Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's Been a While

    Sooooo, It's been a long time since my last post. In fact that's an understatement. It's been 5 years! There's so much about me that has changed in that time, my 13th birthday is next week! I'm really exited! My friends have changed, my house has changed, even my family size has changed! I now have 8 younger siblings (None of them are foster kids) and I've grown closer to my father in heaven, Jesus. My crazy family now includes; Daddy, Mommy, Me, Gloria 11, Jordan 11, Brianna 10, Michael 9, Shane 8, Kevin 6, Katie 4, and little Karyie who is 3.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentines day photos

This month we went to see our friends, the Rushtons.While we were there we took theese valentine's day photos.Aren't they cute?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stage, Stage, Stage.

Currently I don't have any pictures but I might be able to put them in my next post.Any way a few weeks ago I performed three nights in a row. On Sunday I starred in a play for my church.I was The daughter "Charleen Dalton".My mom was the mom "Cynthia Dalton",I know a real stretch right?It was really nice because all our family could watch it online since the church streamed it live on the church website.I think where they streamed it is Life on the website of my church.On Saturday I was in the same play but I only had a small part since there was a double cast.On Monday I was in the choir for my charter school performance.My mom bought me a sparkly an sequenced shirt and black slacks. My shirt sparkled in the spotlight.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What We're Reading: Dragons, Magic, and Elves

This past week we've been reading about a girl named Rhianna who goes to school and really wants to be always exact. In magic school it's always a "pinch of this" and "a pinch of that" but never exact.

One day she's trying to do a spell and it goes wild! A wizard (she becomes his apprentice) says she has a wild magic that hasn't happened in a thousand years! The wizard says she has to learn how to control it and she has to be EXACT. She's always wanted to be exact.

A dragon is drawn by the magic and he wants to have her wild power. So he fights her and the wizard! I like the ending because it talks and explains about how the dragon is still fierce yet looks beautiful and colorful.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Iam speaking pig latten ih uoy,woh era uoy? LOL. I was anoyed with my sister and tierd of jokes so I said STOP! then she said one more? sure I said she started like this why did Danya cross the road?why I asked because she diden't wan't to hear any more jokes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A New Boy

We have a new little boy. We call him "Snoopy." He's the one in the light blue. He is just the perfect baby. He's only 14 months old, but he doesn't seem his age. He seems older than he is.

When you lay him down for a nap his cry is a little "wah." When he's hungry he just kind of looks up at you and when you pick him up and take him close to his seat in the kitchen he tries to kick his feet into it until he's sitting. One time I went to set him down in his chair and he stuck both legs into one leg hole!

When you put him in his car seat in the car he doesn't cry or fuss, and then you can just hand him his bottle because he's thirsty and you can tell. I think that if we had any baby, we'd wish they were all like him.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

New School

No, not for me. I have a new foster sister. I'm going to call her "Penny". My mom nick-named her that to protect her privacy online. Penny is in 3rd grade and she's 8 years old. She's my roommate!

Every morning I walk with her to the bus stop. She doesn't seem to like school very much at all. Since I'm a homeschooler I don't go to school. I always wonder what kind of things she's learning in class.

In my homeschool I'm learning a lot of different stuff. Like she'll come home and I'll think a totally different answer to the same question. My mom ordered some homeschool books for the new year. In it, even though I'm pretty much going into third grade, I'm getting fourth grade math and other subjects.

I'm really excited that Penny gets to share a room with me because I can question her about school and know how things went and don't have to be in school to find out. I'm really glad that Penny's here. Penny is a big sister of my younger foster sister. Penny is a hyper and fun girl. She is a very kind person, which I like.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Walk, Run, Roll!

Every Wednesday my mom has trombone practice and we come with her because we really don't have much to do when we are home without her. So we came with her and brought our heelies so we could roll around.

It turned out there were some kids there and they helped us roll. Near the end when we were about to leave they kept saying, "You can be my carriage!" I guess their cousin was in a stroller and they were pulling him. Since there was only one, they also pulled us. We had so much fun and met some new friends who go to our church.

The person in this picture with the blue dress is named Abby. I really don't know many other names of kids there, but we had lots and lots of fun!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


The other day we went driving and I forget where we were going. I do remember we found this table at a gradge sale. This table has 3 leafs in it you may not be able to see them in this picture. The end pices flip down. The reason we bought this big table is to fit 7-8 kids because we are looking to adopt. I am really looking foward to haveing a big family with lots of kids at the table. I think it is going to be really fun with all the kids.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

splish spiash!

When I help my baby brother take a bath he splashes vary hard!It makes me want to splash too.We had so much fun, Ilove my brother!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Birdie, Birdie, in a tree,
I see you, Do you see me?
Your wings are strong!
Your beak's so long!
You are a bird so sweet,
And you say, "Tweet, tweet!"

(a poem by Danya Elliott)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pictures in a Tree

The other day I went to my front yard with my babysitter . I took my camera with me and took a picture of her in a tree. after I took about five or six it was my turn but sence my babysitter went inside I asked my little sister if she wold?And she said ok and took allmoste ten

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Too Many Cars!

The other day we went garage saling. We bought a box of cars. Actually, like one and a half boxes! My sister was collecting the emergency cars and I was collecting all the race cars.

One of my favorite race cars was the one that looked like Lightening McQueen from the movie, "Cars", just without a face. Also, we found some that were the ones from "The Dukes of Hazzard". We found Boss Hogg's car and the Duke's car! We were checking them out and some of them you can kind of see a face on them by where they have been torn up.

Also, when you click on this picture, up in that little gas-station like thing you will see a Transformer kinda standing up. We found three or four Transformers. There was one broken one that would not move and had missing pieces. Sometimes my sister and I would take one of the race cars and race them beside each other. My baby brother had lots of fun with them. Since we would say, "Vroom vroom" when we would race the cars, sometimes he would make little grunting sounds when he pushed his. We had so much fun finding out what kind of cars they were!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Silly Six!

For my 7th birthday party I decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Some friends who weren't expected showed up and some who were.
My guests were:

another Kayla and her big sister Katie. And my babysitter Shannon and her big sister, Sarah.

It was very funny, Lauren said that she hadn't ever been to Chuck E. Cheese before. So I had to tell her where to put the coins and what to do with them. When she saw the ice cream freezer, she thought you could get some with a coin. I told her you had to bring money for that and we went on to play something else.

It was also pretty funny since Xiao and Sophia are practically best friends. At first when Xiao came she was wondering if Sophia would come. Finally when Sophia did come she ran up to Sophia and they each called each other's names. They're always together at my school, because they are my school friends, and they were so happy that they were both there. They sat by each other the whole time.

I rode one of the Chuck E. Cheese rides where you ride on it and you can push buttons and it takes your picture. But when I took the picture I could barely see myself in it. Maybe it was running out of ink. I don't know. So all you could see was half of my body. You couldn't see my head!

When we did presents one of my favorite gifts was my karaoke belt. It's a Barbie belt that I can wear. It has a microphone attached and it has two holes on the belt part where you can plug in headphones and only you can hear it when you wear them. Also, when you hit the talk button I think it will make it sound like your voice is Barbie's. I haven't gotten to use it much yet, so I don't know all that much about it. I like it alot!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Statue Hunting

My family and I a while back started going statue hunting. Whenever we see a statue my sister or I would go beside and we'd take a picture. Sometimes Gloria and I would go together just like in this picture.

For awhile we stopped doing it because we didn't see many statues for a long time, but sometimes if Gloria and I spotted a statue we would ask to go take a picture by it. This one Gloria and I saw by our library. We love going statue hunting!

One of my favorite statues has been one where I got to go up beside it. It was a statue of a girl watering a plant. Sometimes after we take the picture we will take it in a certain color where we try to make it look like we were part of the statue, but I don't think it works.

Fun Times

A few days ago I went to the park. I had so much fun ! I love going to the park. The park that I'm at in this picture is the park right in front of my library. My sister and I love going to the park together! My favorite thing to do at the park is the monkey bars. But my second favorite is the swings. Because I can go super high and feel like I'm flying!

Sometimes I'll do the spider. That's where someone sits on bottom and someone sits facing you on your lap and you swing together, one person goes forward and one person goes back and you trade off.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Building Up

My family and I have "special days" which are when we get to stay up late and play with Mom and Dad. We each have a day of the week. Mine is Thursday and Gloria's is Tuesday.

Last time I had a special day I built five towers. Although, since I noticed that we had almost all the colors of the rainbow except purple, I decided to make a little itty bitty purple one, which you can see beside that big yellow one.

I had fun building them with my Mom. I hope we get to again!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Baking in the Sun

We baked some cookies today and put little chocolate candies in them. When they were done they tasted really good!

Earlier today I went to the park after the cookies were gone. My favorite thing to do at the park is to do the monkey bars. But today we went to a different park. There were a whole different kind of monkey bars there! But once I finally got my courage up, I was doing them constantly and I felt like a giant cookie since it was such a hot day out. Just like cookies bake in the oven, I was baking in the sun!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Train at the Library

We were in the train in the kids department at my library. Gloria and I were playing as if we were living on the train. We had lots of fun. Gloria and I each picked out two books there.

One of the ones I picked that my Dad had showed me was called "No Dragons for Tea". It was about a girl meeting a dragon and playing with him at the beach. When it was time to go the girl asked her mom if she could bring him for tea. Her mom almost said, "No." But finally the mom gave in. The mom said, "Only this once." But when they had their snack with pepper and pickles and things like that, it made the dragon sneeze! And everyone knows that when a dragon sneezes he blows fire! So it burnt the kitchen, but everything else was fine. When the fire alarm went off the girl knew what to do, but the dragon decided to hide under the rug because he was afraid of the noise. Finally at the end when it was over the dragon said, "Good-bye."

Friday, April 27, 2007

Silly Me!

I made this out of paper when I was making a mask to do a play with my sister. I accidentally made the glasses a little big but they still look silly like a clown. The thing I like most about this that makes it look more like a clown is how I made the big red nose. You can see I'm laughing in the picture because I thought I looked silly. We also took pictures with different expressions and faces.

Also I made Kevin laugh once while splashing water up while Kevin was in the tub. He starts laughing every time I splash! It was so cute when he laughed. I really love my family and different ways they make me smile!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Days in the sun

This is a picture of me in my front yard.You might see the tree in the background which was purposely used to show better color to the picture.Yes I really think the color went together.

Changing the Way I Blog

Hi, you might notice that I don’t talk much about my sister and brother, but you will see more about them past this point, and more about true stories. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you my sister and brothers name. There’s Gloria and Kevin.

Friday, February 23, 2007

5 things about me.

D elightful
a masing
n ice
y oung
a ngel baby

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hop Along

Once there was a little frog
who hopped all about.
He was very very good at it
because he was a frog.
All the other animals
couldn't jump as high,
except for the kangaroo
who jumped twice as high.
Yet the frog was very small.
He wasn't very tall.
He jumped and jumped
until he could jump
as high as the kangaroo!

The End

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Rainbow Dash by Danya

Danya made this picture in her computer's Paint program on February 8th, 2007.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In the bushes. a poem by danya

there was a little duck
playing with his friends
hiding in the bushes
playing hide in seak
wobbling in and out
all and about
at just that time
there was a bell chime
and it made the little ducklins
run and chase the little geese

E is for Elliott

Lots of fun

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Grandma - a poem by Danya

G is for Grateful.
R is for Really Good.
A is for Amazing!
N is for Neat.
D is for Delightful!
M is for Magnificent!
And I love her!

"She's my Grandma! She's my bestest friend and our love will never end!
Because she's my Grandma!" (This line taken from a song Danya learned at her cousin's rehearsal.)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Little Duck Little Duck i see you

I am Little Duck I Hide under A Bush and over the slide between the park in the dark

Friday, June 16, 2006

"Praise the Lord" a song by Danya

I love the Lord,
I love Him so!
And I like that I know the Lord Jesus.
He's my friend,
and I really love Him very much!
When days go by I remember He's there for me.
He is always there for you, too!
You can talk to Him.
You can have some fun with Him.
He is the Lord, praise Him!
Praise Him, praise Him!
Praise Him in the mornings
and in the evenings and afternoons.
Praise Him, praise Him!
Praise the Lord your God
with all of your heart!
You may praise Him at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Praise Him all you want!
Praise Him all year 'round!
He's the Lord your God
and He is always with you!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Night of the Storm - by Danya Elliott

Once upon a time on a cold night there was a girl, her two brothers, and their uncle and aunt. They lived near an old old village in the country. One night one of the boys tried coming out into the night where it was dark and cold. Wind blew in his face. Suddenly there was a great BIG wind! The boy ran back inside! He ran to wake up his aunt and uncle. Lightening struck the ground outside! Soon there would be a huge tornado. Finally the aunt and uncle woke up. The young boy said, "Hurry, hurry! There's going to be a tornado!" They all ran to wake up the others. Everybody ran down to the storm cellar.

They brought all the stuff they had in the house down that they could, down into the storm cellar. They brought cups and water. They had to bring a flashlight in case power went out. Finally everybody got into the storm cellar with everything they needed; blankets, pillows, and all the food that they could carry. The tornado hit as they were just getting safe. They were okay because of what the boy had told them! Everybody thanked him and cheered for him. Everybody was safe and was very cheerful.

The End

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Girls that Liked to Read

Once upon a time on a summer day there were two little girls and they liked to read a lot. One day they couldn’t find a book to read or anything. So they decided to see if they could sell some other things so that they could get some money to get a book. They decided to have a lemonade stand. They had it when the park opened. They lived near the park. Lots of people were at the park. So they came to the lemonade stand. They bought so much lemonade that one of the girls had to go into the house to get more lemonade. Everybody wanted it. She decided to bring out the lemonade machine. That way they could make more lemonade without going back in. They sold all the lemonade! They decided to see how much money they had so that they could buy a big book that they wouldn’t finish in one or two days. That way they could keep reading without buying something new. They had about ten dollars! Their mom worked at a bookstore. They went to the bookstore that their mom worked at and bought a big book that they liked. It was about flowers. When they went up to their mom, they had too much money, so their mom gave them back a little. The book was only six dollars. How much money did they get back? The End
-by Danya

(Based on the painting “The Reading” by Renoir)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Things Go By" a poem by Danya

There goes a bird
There goes a fly
Past goes a bee
Sting on me!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Bank and Flag

The way I came up with this picture is when we pass by the bank and flag it makes me feel good, so I drew a picture how I thought it looked. The flag is just pretty because I forgot what it looked like. I think I was thinking of the post office and the bank mixed.

Now when I look outside my car window, I see it, and think of my picture compared to what I see. I see it's different, but I still made it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Boat on the Sea

The sea is blue and a boat floats there. There were four people on it. One was named Anna and have I mentioned that there were two girls and two boys? Another girl was named Kayleigh. One boy, his name was Jake, and the other boy was Jack.

Jack and Jake were twins. When they got on the boat to go to sea they noticed they needed things on there before they got on. So they started to pack. When they packed they were all ready. They noticed they could have a window room for one of the girls and another window room for one of the other girls. The boys didn't really need a window. They didn't care if they had a window or not.

The boat took off! It was going toward a lone island where no one had discovered it. On the second day the boat started to shake and turn! One of the boys looked over the side and saw they were getting close to a whirlpool! The other boy turned the ship to go the other way around the whirlpool! They were safe! So they started to get back to work.

On the third day they could see a little bit of land far away. So when they got there on the fourth day they decided to take a rest. They had their food because they had to find it on that island. When they woke up they noticed that they could not see their boat! Their boat had been floating away again! But their sail wasn't put up. They looked all over the island, but they had found out that since they had went around the edge and didn't go into the middle, it might be there. They found a way to get into the middle and they found boat tracks. Someone had pushed the boat onto land and into the middle of the island.

When they got to the middle of the island they saw a little person on the boat. They said, "We were the only people on the boat. How did that person get on there?" They saw that the man wasn't just on the boat, but was on there to be there and never get off so that he could make sure that they didn't do anything. So when he started to talk to them about who he was and why he was there, the boys and girls started to wonder if he was good or bad. He didn't want them to get back on. He tried to scare them so they wouldn't go back to sea and get to the island that no one had discovered. They started to wonder if he was stopping everyone from getting to that island.

They tried to get onto their ship to get to a different island. But that man wouldn't let them go. He would run over before they could push the boat back and say, "Stop! You can't go anywhere!" He really did scare them because at the time they were just kids. They wondered what would happen next. Would he keep them on the island or let them go?

He said that if they could find a blueberry, a raspberry, and a strawberry, then he would let them go. But if they didn't, they would have to stay forever! They found a blueberry when someone climbed into a tree. They found a raspberry and a strawberry on a bush. Then they were free!! They decided to try to find the lone island on a different day. So they headed home.

The End

The Flowers in the Day

The sky is blue
roses are red
daffodils can be any color
but I am the one to see them all

I see one of each kind
one of a kind
one of a kind can be so good
I like them all

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The day I went to school by Danya.

There was a little girl and she was a school girl. One day she went to school. She really loved math! It was a math day, where there was a contest to see who could do math the fastest. She won! Her name was Lucy. Lucy loved math so much and was so happy she won, that she asked her teacher for MORE math!

From that day on, whenever the math day was said, she just jumped up for joy and ran right to it. When she got home from the last day she thought she could handle of a math day, she told her mom and dad that she won almost every single one. She said now she thought she new the true meaning of math. It's really really easy and fun if you think about it!

She really loved the math and now that she knew the true meaning she decided to tell others how fun it was to do it. Now all her friends thought of it as fun and exciting. So they decided to start doing what she's been doing so everyone could think of it as a fun way. That one way to do it was to just think it's fun and look at it as an easy way!

The End

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Colors That Make Me Happy

Colors are beautiful!
Colors are pretty.
Colors are everywhere!
Colors can make you smile,
Or they can make you cry.
Colors can do anything
If you think in your imagination!

Poem & Art by Danya Oct. 27th, 2005

Monday, October 24, 2005

Gloria's Birthday

Once there was a little girl named Gloria. Somehow everyone knew about her birthday and she had bunches of presents! She wondered what they were for. She didn't know about her birthday was coming. She DID know that all those presents were for SOMETHING.

One kid said, "Happy almost birthday, Gloria!" She was turning 4 years old. Everyone started singing at her school. Then when she got home the lights were out and for some reason she didn't know why. Then when the lights went on, out popped her friends and family! They said, "Surprise!" She laughed and laughed! She was glad that they remembered her birthday.

The End

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katelyn and her Neighbor - story by Danya

There was a girl named Katelyn who had just moved in to a new house that her parents had bought. She went out one day to play. She saw her next door neighbor was playing too! Oh, how she wished that she could do the same thing her neighbor was doing . Her neighbor was blowing bubbles with her little sister. But Katelyn did not have a little sister. Then the day after that she went out to go meet her new neighbor, who she found out was a girl named Katie. Katelyn wanted to go out side to play.

Katie was with her little sister and she was not bored. They were rolling a toy car back and forth. Katie and her little sister wanted to go out of their yard to the other girl's yard to meet their new neighbor. So they went to the gate, and they found a little door, and they went in. As they went in they saw a little girl under the tree and the little girl was 5 and her name was Katelyn. The little girls that were five loved to be together . The little sister was 2. Katie very much liked to play with her little sister, but when she met the neighbor girl she now knew some one lived there and she loved to play with her. For a long time she did not have any one to play with other than her sister and she was so happy she had a friend that she forgot that she had a little sister. She liked doing a lot together. They were such good friends together that their parents started to meet. A week after that their families were so close together that they knew each other well enough that they started letting their kids have play dates together. THE END

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Birthday at Night - art by Danya

Even though those dots might look white, they are really yellow. They are little lights to the big buildings that are going on outside. When I made this I thought about a birthday party so I started to make a birthday. The green on the ground is grass. There are little heart balloons, as you can see, near a table. I like that birthdays are fun and because we celebrate them. You celebrate how old you are. It makes them fun cuz if you're a birthday boy or girl you can always have all your friends and get to play with them! They always like to sometimes pretend things with you. My favorite birthday was when I turned 5 like I am now. I went to Frontier City with my sister and my friend, Emma. We would go with 3 of my cousins so there would be 6 people, but they couldn't come because one of their washer or dryer broke and they had to use the money to get them a dryer. So on my birthday Emma and my sister and my Dad went on the ferris wheel together. My Granny Jo did come. She rode with us, with my mom, we all rode in the same one. Since I was the birthday girl we got to keep staying on with them with us. We did ride alot of rides there. We got a card from our Granny that mine, I can tell you one thing that it said, that she wanted to ride all the rides with me. Then she looked back at me in the car and said, "Okay?" and we took off to go to Frontier City. When we got there me and Gloria and Emma even got our own little maps. I got to pick where to go sometimes. Me and our friend Emma loved the little roller coaster. We almost forgot where we were at! Until we saw all the other rides we haven't rode. And so we rode every single ride together! The End.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I Love My Jesus - a song by Danya

Jesus is my Lord.
Oh yes, yes!
Jesus will never leave me
Cuz he's always with me
every day.
But he'll never be mean
to anybody
And no one will be mad at Jesus.

No one needs to defend our Lord
He's stronger than anybody
Even if someone tries to fight Him
He'll just try to stop them.

Jesus is my Lord.
He's stronger than anybody.
He's touching everybody
at the same time.
So just make sure you're next to the Lord
And He'll be nice to you anytime.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Danya's Playground

At first I tried to make the ladder but I didn't know how to make it look like that was the side. So it sort of looks right now like it's half the side of the slide like you climb up this way, turn, and go down. Really I tried my best to make it look like the front. I made the seats blue on the swings, but then I wanted to make the sky that same color blue and I didn't want it to blend in with the swings. So I clicked on the red and clicked the swing seats and found out that I could change the color after I already have one color on it. The sun I tried to make my best. There might be a little bit of white spots on there. Really I tried my best. This is like the playground in Tulsa where there were the swings and the slide near it on the playground.

The Blue Night, Art by Danya

I made this in Paint on the computer!

I looked up in the sky
and I saw the moon.
The little moon
had a cloud in front of it.

How I made the moon: I clicked on the oval and then I opened it and I found a circle. I stopped after I made it into a circle and I didn't want to open it any wider because I knew it would be an oval if I did. The yellow line with a dot on it is a shooting star! The clouds under it, I used a spray can and I sort of ripped the stars as I used it. On the bottom shooting star I accidentally made a line so I made a dot in front of it to make a shooting star. That's how I got the idea. The end.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Brave Little Duckling - a story by Danya

One day a little brave duckling went out to its mommy. He saw all his little brother and sister ducklings swimming out in the pond. They didn't even really notice him at all. Then one little duckling saw him and went up to him and said, "Come swim with me!" He got in and tried to swim with all the other ducklings. His mother duck wanted to come in and help him. She saw one little duckling was going too far away. Where the far away little duckling went was to a little cabin for ducklings. When they came in they saw a bunch of little ducks and mommy ducks. When they got in, they called the other little ducklings over. There was a little sign on their cabin that said, "No hunters allowed!"

Even though a hunter saw that sign, he didn't care what it said. He came in and tried to kill all the little ducks. But the last little duckling did not see him until he came around to where the little duckling was. The little duckling saw him and said, "Go away!!" and the hunter did. Then they all had a little party all together.

The End

This Little Light - a poem by Danya

This little light
had a fright.

This little light
was so afraid.

This little light
did not want to go away.

When I was 3 - a drawing by Danya

I drew this when I was 3. It's a picture of me skipping.

Jesus Loves Me in My Heart -a song by Danya

I wrote this song today:

Jesus is loving me in my heart
He helps me know
He will be with me
He likes me
He has so many children all around Him

When He helps us he is being a friend
He loves us very much
and God loves us so much He sent His son Jesus
Down to Earth
To see all the little children that are His friends!